by Mitchel Dumlao January 18, 2016

Written By Kira Via

No matter how advanced, realistic and complex today’s video games have become, it seems as though our love for the flat, two-dimensional world of 8-bit games will never die. Indeed, thanks to super low-cost computing system Raspberry Pi and maker technologies such as 3D printing, retro-gamers have seemingly been able to hit ‘pause’ on gaming evolution, by either repurposing or 3D printing retro gaming consoles and running them on Raspberry Pi. The trend has even grown into an entire online community project, known as RetroPie.

We’ve seen quite a few 3D printing/Raspberry Pi projects revive retro gaming in their own ways, including a 3D printed Game Boy and even entire 3D printed arcade cabinet, both of which used a Rasbperry Pi B model board. The newest trend in retro gaming, however, makes use of the new, slimmed-down and insanely affordable Raspberry Pi Zero to revive the classic Nintendo controller.

Essentially, the project is as easy as opening up your old NES controller, inserting the Raspberry Pi Zero, and wiring it correctly to the NES’ buttons. However, after you’ve gotten all of the wiring hooked up, you’re likely to find that the original back cover of the Nintendo controller will no longer properly close. In need of a small, custom-made piece of plastic, are you? Sounds like a job for some simple, desktop 3D printing.

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Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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