by Raymond Dipasupil January 04, 2016

EEZITEC's officially celebrates its 1st year of business. I've been reflective during the holidays considering how we've thrived & grown. We created EEZITEC to make a profound fundamental impact to society by making 3D printing more accessible through beautiful design & painstaking attention to detail when it came to researching 3D printers & 3D models. We also set out to make 3D printing fun & highly educational through the digital content we create

When Mitchel, David, & I started EEZITEC, we only had a dollar & a dream. We didn't have deep pockets but in what we lacked in financial resources were self-efficacy, determination, & persistence. We are hungry in making a positive impact.  

Mitchel -- Not only does he lead marketing & sales but he does so in extreme ferocity & intensity. I've never met anyone else that's as intense in getting sh*t done as efficiently & as precisely as Mitchel.  A true hustler & firmly believing that we can achieve what many consider to be impossible. I didn't think it was possible to meet someone as intense as me in doing some good in this world & who also likes to mix their dipping hot sauces. You know how people can 'walk the talk'? Mitchel runs the talk. He also created an awesome product & founder video for my first tech project. 

David -- I still remember it all clearly. David invited me on a Sunday to go to a 3D printing event. At that time, I've never heard of 3D printing, let alone 3D printers but I thought it would fun to check it out. The moment I stepped inside the 3D printing event, my mind was blown. I saw these extraordinary machines on ordinary tables making stuff. It reminded me a lot of a Star Trek scene when a couple was having dinner & her significant other asked her what she wanted for dessert & she said ice cream sundae. The guy pressed a few buttons on the machine & the ice cream sundae magically appeared. On the drive back home, I optimistically told David that I think we will do something with 3D printing in the near future. I will forever have that day's mental video in my head. David inspires me to further my engineering, technical abilities. He's also a childhood friend who's been there with me through the ups & downs. 

John -- The most passionate business attorney I've ever met. John is our VP of Business Development & General Counsel. He makes sure all of our legal matters are in proper & we're thankful to have him in the team. John is extremely passionate about law & I'm glad he sees the same vision that Mitchel, David, & I have. He also brings forth many interesting ideas that we're currently exploring so be on the lookout for them this year.

Marc -- Quite possibly one of the best software engineers I know. A brilliant mathematician & computer scientist, Marc helps me write software applications. He is our VP of Engineering. Marc is the famed 10x software engineer unicorn that many tech startups talk about. He's also the best multi-instrumentalist & musician I know. A true artist in both the creative & technical sides who also turned out to be a distant cousin of mine. I suppose it runs in the family. Thank you for helping create unique, elegant technical solutions to difficult problems.

José -- To know how much of great guy José is, is to know that he'll be there to pick you up on a date at 4am when you're a carless high school kid. My parents describe José as a happy-go-lucky-kid & they are correct with that assessment. He's very affable & very friendly -- a true people's person. A true sports afficionado, he brings the same tenacity as many of the sports champions such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Steph Curry, & countless others. José leads our customer service department & will begin to shadow Mitchel to also learn sales. 

Keith -- Our first ever design-engineer, who also has a penchant for entrepreneurship. In a startup, things are hardly perfect & Keith was ready to roll up his sleeves & get his hands dirty & be highly involved with the work. We're excited that he can wear multiple hats & do whatever work is needed in order for the startup to thrive & grow.

We've gone so far but still so far to go. If you ever find a team like mine, you can accomplish anything. Happy New Year!


What A Time To Be Alive,

Raymond Dipasupil
Raymond Dipasupil


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