by Mitchel Dumlao November 28, 2015

Written By Kira Via

Certainly one of the most influential and prominent 3D printing designers, inventors, artists and pioneers, Joris Laarman has this week opened his first ever major solo show at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands. The career-spanning exhibition includes his open-source, 3D printed puzzle chairs, the organically inspired 3D printed Bone Chair, and a new sinuous sculpture made specially for exhibition using the same MX3D metal 3D printer that is currently building the world’s first 3D printed steel bridge in Amsterdam.

Founded in 2004, Joris Laarman Labs has been pioneering in cutting-edge experiments that combine art, science, and technology—particularly advanced manufacturing and 3D printing processes with using metals and innovative, large-scale machines. He is also known to work with craftsmen, scientists and engineers, and to experiment with algorithms, open-source design, and even genetically modified cells in certain works of art.

Pieces on display at the exhibition include the ‘Maker Chairs’, the world’s first open-source, crowd-fabricated 3D printed chairs, created through his Bits & Parts project. Each chair generated out of a single shape divided into 202 3D jigsaw puzzle pieces, and expands the potential of small consumer 3D printers and CNC milling machines to fabricate full-size, affordable furniture.

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Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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