by Mitchel Dumlao November 23, 2015


Written By Mitchel Dumlao

3D Printing is getting popular these days and has now made its way into mainstream media with a Saturday Night Live skit with Mathew McConaughey.  The "3D Printer Man" skit is a comedic take on the evolving and revolutionary world of Bio Printing, where scientists and labs across the world are developing technology to 3D Print human tissues, arteries, and more.  

Now with Artificial Intelligence also making a headway, it's getting more prevalent everyday that we could eventually 3D Print a human being.  Can we make it look like Matthew McConaughey in a few years?  Maybe, though it would be cool if we could also 3D Print an Emily Ratajkowski as well, keep it fair for all of us :)

Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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