by Mitchel Dumlao October 30, 2015

Written By Mitchel Dumlao 

A tough decision to make on Halloween is what costume to wear.  Are we going cool?  Are we going realistic?  Sexy? Scary? Funny?  There are a lot of options and you can always buy your stock Pirate Outfit at the Pop Up Halloween Costume Store down the street.  

Here at Eezitec, we're all about 3D Printing and customization.  3D Printers can make the Halloween costume making process fun and customizable.  But where to start?  Well, here is a list of our favorite Halloween costume ideas from some 3D Model marketplaces so you can download, print, and wear your favorite character or ghoul for tomorrow!

1. Mad Max Fury Road Mask by Lloyd Roberts @ - download here

My favorite movie of the year, I'm actually printing this as we speak!  Can't wait to wear this for Halloween and blow up a few cars in the desert afterwards :P

2. Daft Punk Helmet by Adafruit @ - download here

Everyone has danced to a Daft Punk song one time in their life, relive that moment but through their eyes!

3. X-Men Cyclops Goggles by edditive @ - download here

I've always been an X-Men fan and Cyclops had one pretty cool mutant power.  This is awesome because it's from the original, old-school Marvel days when Scott Summers newly joined Professor X's team.

4. Catwoman Mask DMC Dante @ - download here

One of Batman's baddass adversaries and love interests, I love a good Catwoman costume on Halloween, especially from a beautiful woman who can pull off an all leather onesie.  

5. Halo Helmet by big_red_frog @ - download here

As a retired gamer, Halo will always have a place in my heart.  To be honest, I will probably print this after Halloween and just wear it whenever I go paintballing, it actually looks like a functional helmet in the battlefield lmao.  

There you go!  Enjoy yourself and have a fun Halloween!  

Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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