SCANDY Turns Your Images Into 3D Printed Panoramic Spheres

by Mitchel Dumlao October 28, 2015

Written By Bridget Butler Millsaps Via

As nearly unforeseen progress and innovation in electronics and 3D printing have brought incredible transformations to the world and industry, we see quite a fascinating trickle-down effect, with numerous processes either becoming obsolete altogether, or morphing into something else.

Obviously, the smartphone is taking a pretty big chunk of business from some industries that used to have to do everything for us, as many of us become self-sufficient and mobile in everything possible. 3D printing in many ways, while transforming a multitude of high-level sectors in manufacturing, has been able to meld in with so many of the conveniences offered by smartphone technology–and that’s coming into play more and more with 3D scanning and the resulting 3D printing options and services.

We’ve been following the New Orleans-based Scandy since they emerged on the scene with their  3D printing service that gives you a pretty good look at where the direction of the now nearly obsolete photo lab has gone. Their goal is to take advantage of all the benefits of 3D printing and meld them with traditional photography and selfies, enjoying all the added features, high quality, speed, and affordability. The Scandy team wants to see 3D scanning and custom ordering of 3D prints become just as popular and easy as ordering traditional prints once was.

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Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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