Using 3D Printing In Archeology

by Mitchel Dumlao October 25, 2015

Written By Jeff Aronowitz Via MakeZine

A partnership between Virginia Commonwealth University and Jamestown Rediscovery allows visitors to experience the past in a new and exciting way. Dr. Bernard Means, Director of the Virtual Curation Lab, has worked with Jamestown along with other institutions to 3D scan, print, and paint artifacts from all over the world. He and his students have worked with over 1,600 artifacts, many coming from the active archaeological excavations at Jamestown.

Using a Next Engine scanner and a variety of 3D printers, Dr. Means and his team have recreated hundreds of artifacts for various institutions and outreach events. To bring this effort to a wider audience, Dr. Means partnered with myself, Jeff Aronowitz, Assistant Manager of Education at Jamestown, to incorporate these printed objects into educational programming at Jamestown. A selection of artifacts has been reproduced for use in public tours, school tours, and a new interactive space called the “Ed Shed.”

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Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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