3D Print With Beer With Filament From 3Dom

October 22, 2015

Written By Kira Via 3ders.org

According to legend, people in the Middle Ages consumed more beer than water, supposedly because the alcohol made it safer to drink. While we certainly wouldn’t endorse reverting to a similar lifestyle today, 3D printing company 3Dom USA may have just given us the perfect excuse to order another round: they’ve released a brand new earth-friendly 3D printing filament that's actually made from beer.

More specifically, the material is made using waste byproducts from the beer brewing process. It was reported that in 2006, 2.58 billion liters of beer were produced by Heineken alone, which each batch producing a host of solid wastes including spent grains, trub (wort and hop particles), yeast and others. Rather than seeing that end up in a landfill, 3Dom wants you to use it for your next 3D printing project. “We get the byproduct form a local major brewing plant. It’s stuff that would otherwise just be placed in a landfill,” said CEO Jake Clark in a press release. “We specifically look to make useful supposedly unusual material.”


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