3D Printing Human Cells

October 21, 2015

Via BBC News

Researchers at Heriot-Watt University have claimed a breakthrough in 3D stem cell printing.

They said it could pave the way for individually tailored drug testing regimes.

Their hope is that the development could reduce the need for animal testing.

The technology could also help ensure patients receive drugs which are most effective for their individual needs.

3D bioprinting is the process of generating cell patterns using 3D printing technologies

A team of researchers led by Dr Will Shu at the university's School of Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS) put together a 3D printer capable of working with delicate stem cells.

Working in conjunction with Roslin Cellab, the team have now refined the printer to make it capable of printing induced stem cells, derived from a donor's own adult cells, which are capable of developing into almost any other cell in the body.

The challenge was to develop a printer gentle enough not to damage cells

A report on the team's work has been published in the IOP journal Biofabrication.

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