3D Printing Exhibition at MODA

by Mitchel Dumlao October 06, 2015

Written By Rachel Hortman Via Creative Lofting

On an overcast afternoon in Midtown's arts corridor, the inside of the 1315 Peachtree building is literally buzzing. Kids are talking excitedly, adults are murmuring in amazement, and 3-D printers are making noise as they transform cubes of plastic into tangible products. This is the scene at the Museum of Design Atlanta's (MODA) new exhibit, Designers, Makers, Users: 3D Printing the Future.

MODA's inspiration for the exhibition came a year and a half ago when it first put 3-D printers in its lobby. The museum's staff started teaching classes for adults and kids and was surprised by the response. "We thought [the printers] would be interesting but we didn't realize how popular they would be," says Laura Flusche, MODA's executive director who also curated the exhibit. "And then, I would say that in just a few months ... we started to realize that people were so interested and they didn't really have a place to get all the information."

As a result, MODA has crafted an original exhibit covering a range of industries that are experimenting with 3-D printing and design, from fashion and architecture to medicine and lunar exploration. It might be common knowledge that you can 3-D print your own wedding ring, but did you know the London architecture firm Foster and Partners believes it could use moon dust to 3-D print living quarters on the moon? This is just one example of many on display in the gallery.

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Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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