Introducing the 3Dsimo: A 3D-Printing Pen That Can Do Everything

by Mitchel Dumlao October 04, 2015

Written By Katie Medlock Via

3D printing is like a magic trick that lets you create something seemingly out of nothing, and the 3Dsimo pen is no exception. This multipurpose gadget 3D prints objects in mid air – and it can also cut, burn, and solder thanks to a range of attachments. The question isn’t really what the pen can do – but what can’t it do? If you want in on this crazy action, check out the startup’s Kickstarter campaign. Although 3Dsimo only asked for $35,000, they have already raised an astonishing $184,000 with 11 days left in their campaign.  

The 3Dsimo Mini pen uses variable temperature and speed controls to create objects in mid air. Users can create jewelry, gifts, decorations, figures, and even repair plastic products with this feature. The interchangeable extensions for the handheld pen also include a burning tip, which will equip folks to express themselves through wood burning or even decorating belts and jackets. The soldering feature will intrigue the amateur engineer in all of us, safely heating up to 490°C in just 10 seconds to repair any damaged do-dad or fuse together the most elegant jewelry pieces. Modelers and architects will rejoice at the cutting extension, ready to expertly slice into foam, polystyrene, plexiglas, or balsa wood.

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Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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