NASA Using 3D Printing To Help Man Missions To Mars

by Mitchel Dumlao September 29, 2015

Written By Leo King Via

NASA is closing in on manufacturing a phenomenal, 3D-printed rocket launch engine, and the lead engineer says it is bringing ever closer the manned journey to Mars .

Elizabeth Robertson, propulsion engineer the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, tells me that the megathrust engine, and similar 3D printed metal projects, can now be completed significantly more cheaply and quickly. This is essential as NASA accelerates its production for a manned Mars mission by the 2030s.

“The ultimate goal is to assemble and test a liquid engine, capable of producing 30,000 pounds of thrust by using components made largely with additive manufacturing [3D printing],” she says.

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Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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