3D Printing Brings Lost Pets Back To Life

by Mitchel Dumlao September 15, 2015

Written By Marie Carter Via Huffington Post

3D scanning and printing, a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file, is an invention that is now coming into its own. This week, the world's first3D doll of a model was born. Whilst the cost of 3D printing at home is still beyond the reach of most of us with prices for a decent 3D printer starting in the thousands, consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the possibilities.

From personalized car parts to replacement teeth, the potential seems almost boundless. How long will it be before it'll be possible to 3D print organs making organ rejection a thing of the past, or design and print our own clothes using the home printer? Given the speed at which the revolution is progressing, these changes are now certainly within our grasp. Science fiction is gradually becoming science fact.

As editor of Pets Magazine, my particular area of interest is pets, and the pet industry is now in the vanguard of the 3D revolution. People increasingly want to remember their deceased pets by creating life-like memento mori and to create a unique gift for a pet lover.

This week, I caught up with Lars Andersen, Managing Director of 3D printing specialists Arty Lobster. The company specialises in the creation of extremely life-like sculptures of pets. It has also just announced the appointment of world-renowned 3D artist Dimitri Fotiou. Dimitri has moved from Athens where he recently completed groundbreaking work for the Museum of Paleontology in Athens, 3D modeling ancient animal bones and artifacts, to take up the new post.

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Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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