How The Future of Fine Dining Will Change By 3D Printing

by Tracy Wong August 17, 2015

By Eustacia Huen Via Forbes Life

It seems like every other day, there’s a breakthrough in the world of 3D printing. From helping separate a set of conjoined twins, to making 3D models as ‘preview’ for plastic surgery patients, the idea of 3D printing continues to fascinate. But will the idea stick? When it comes to dining, if 3D food printing could take a digital recipe created by a master chef and transform cartridges into perfectly shaped food, and if the robot chef featured in the BBC could really help us prepare the rest, do we even need to step foot in the kitchen?

Obviously, this scenario takes a lot of “ifs” to materialize. While I can foreseeably imagine 3D food printing assimilating into food manufacturing, how would it affect the more artisanal nature of fine dining service? Will it change the way a top class chef is “judged” and will it alter the labor force or setup of the kitchen?

That’s unlikely, answered Hod Lipson, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University and Co-author of “Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing.” “Like a microwave or a food processor, the 3D food printer will be a handy kitchen appliance,” Lipson noted. But it’s still an appliance after all.

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Tracy Wong
Tracy Wong


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