3D Printing Shaped By 5 Incredible Trends

by Tracy Wong July 14, 2015

By Rick Smith Via Forbes

Self-repairing pipes. Printed organs. Bulletproof t-shirts. Seriously?

In April I was asked to speak at the annual TED conference in Vancouver (following Bill Gates…gulp) on the topic of 3D printing production and its implications. I have detailed my thoughts on why the shift to 3D printing production is not only likely but inevitable in articles one, two and three in this series for Forbes. Now, let’s take a step into a fascinating future, where daily life will be shaped by several powerful forces directly related to 3D printing production.

What it will be like to live in a 3D-printed world? Imagine the effect of these five trends:

1. Localized Production For Consumer And Industrial Goods: Biz Stone, Twitter’s co-founder, recently predicted that Nike could be a pure software company in ten years. If this happens, it will be thanks to 3D printing production. In the future, everything you know will be made closer to you. Let’s say one day at home you realize that one of the wheels on your dishwasher has broken. You simply look up the part on the Internet, print it out at home or at your neighborhood commercial 3D printer, and out comes the replacement part. Your daughter outgrows her 3D-printed custom shoes? Drop the old pair in the material recycler and print out a brand new pair, one size larger.

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Tracy Wong
Tracy Wong


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