3D Printing Could Change The World In 5 Ways

by Tracy Wong July 08, 2015

By Alec Banks Via Highs Nobiety

3D printing could be the next game-changing technology that impacts our lives much in the same way the Internet and high-speed capabilities reinvented the way people could access and share information across the globe. But what does it really do? In its infancy, the first 3-D printers were developed in the ’80s by an American engineer, Charles Hull, who used an acrylic liquid that turned solid when exposed to ultraviolet light. Now, most people think of printers as an archaic way of producing a record that something exists, but even the tactile needs of showing/sharing documents are being replaced with apps and conversion technologies that can be utilized through smartphone technology. Why would a person want to buy a 3D printer when their 2D model is gathering dust in the corner of their workstation?

While at home use is still in the infantile stage, many fields and disciplines looking to advance the modern world see 3D printing as a revolutionary step forward. From next-level apprehension techniques in crime-fighting, to what might appear on our dinner menus, here are five important examples of how 3D printing will change the world around us.

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Tracy Wong
Tracy Wong


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