Coffee Foam Art By Ripple Maker, 3D Printer

by Tracy Wong July 01, 2015

By Bridget Butler Millsaps Via 3DPrint

3D printing enthusiasts and coffee lovers all over the world will be hoisting their disposable coffee cups and warm, earthenware mugs alike in salute to messages written with Ripples, due to a new technology that employs both 3D printing and inkjet technology.

Meant to bring a smile to even the grumpiest of those just waking up and moving slowly to say hello to their warm cup of joe, the Ripple Maker offers a way to put an all-natural giddyup in that first sip–especially on those hectic weekday mornings.

The Ripple Maker is a small (only 8.5″ x 10.5″), wifi connected device that allows you to embellish that delicious coffee milk foam with a natural coffee extract using Ripple Pods, which extrude the written or visual liquid stamp.

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Tracy Wong
Tracy Wong


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