by Harold Sorto August 11, 2016

This week I (Harold) started to learn the basics of 3D Modeling and Printing:

On Monday morning Ray asked Christian (The New Intern) and I to play around with TinkerCad. He suggested that we try to model some coffee mugs with built-in coasters.

After about 10 minutes I completed the first version of my "Coaster Mug", a coffee mug with the word Cup as a handle and a coaster built into the bottom:

 Christian also modeled a mug but he put the word Cup inside. I'll admit that he came up with that idea first, and I like many great inventors borrowed it and made adjustments.

During that afternoon Ray asked me to download Z-Suite, the software that the Zortrax M200 and Inventure use to print. He told me to familiarize myself with it because Christian and I are going to be 3D printing on the M200 soon:

Zortrax M200 - What we're going to be 3D Printing on.

Let me just say that I felt like a Kid again! 

So I loaded up Z-Suite and watched a tutorial that Ray and Mitchel created. I then messed around with the software a bit and figured out how to load up my mug into it:

CoasterMug in Z-Suite

I fiddled with the camera controls and the X,Y,Z coordinates for a bit and then hit Save To Print. After clicking a side menu popped up:

Prepare to Print

I downloaded and read the printer's manual to figure out what some of the settings meant. After some reading and randomly clicking options I prepared the model for Printing:

Coaster Mug Almost Ready for Printing

Here it is with Medium Infill and Support Lite
I didn't end up printing it because I wasn't happy with how it turned out. I decided to go into TinkerCad and make a few more adjustments. While I was doing that I found an awesome model on Thingiverse and I'm going to be printing that out instead.
It's called BatBuddha Improved and it's - Amazing!
It's by Kenny_Ganya and it's an improved version of Albill's original creation. It's going to be the first thing I 3D print next week.
On Wednesday Christian and I were taught the basics of 3D modeling by Keith Kuntz.
*I'll be writing about that in my next entry, so make sure to stay tuned because Journal #4 is coming soon. 

Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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