by Harold Sorto July 25, 2016

Today I got the opportunity to put together a 3D printed pokeball. I've been playing Pokemon Go for the last couple of weeks so I was very excited. It's very amazing to be able to print something you've seen in video games, even more so when you get to put it together and hold it in your hands.

The pokeball took about 2 hours to print on a Zortrax M200. And on my first day at Eezitec I was able to witness the foundation being printed. It was my first time watching a 3D printer work and I was absolutely captivated by it; so much so that I just stood watched as the printer worked. It was definitely one of "those" moments. You know the kind, where you just want to watch that new piece of technology work. Where the noises it makes keeps you calm and interested. 

Update 1:

So I was finally able to free the pokeball parts from the support structure with Mitchel's help. It's seems to be coming together nicely:

Update 2:

Me and this little pin are not getting along. It is extremely stubborn and it refused to break apart, even when I used wire cutters:

I finally cut it down to the right size and I'm moving on to the next part -


I'm going to be Super Gluing the black pieces together carefully, very,very carefully.

Update 3:

It Is....

not done yet. But it does look nice, really nice.

I tried Super-Gluing but some of the pieces together were not fitting together properly.

I may have to start sanding. Sanding very, very carefully - a.k.a: I hope everything goes well.

Update 4:

It's finished, it's finally finished. Now I have to go and catch some Pokemon!


Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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