by Harold Sorto July 28, 2016

That's it, the Pokemon-Go craze got us and we ended up 3D printing some pokemon on a Zortrax M200:

When I arrived at Eezitec I noticed that Mitchel and Ray had already printed a Pikachu. So I decided to take a picture of Pikachu and the Pokeball I finished putting together on Tuesday:

I caught a Pikachu!

Look, I caught a Pikachu!

While I was taking the picture I noticed that Bulbasaur was being printed:

Pikachu waits for its friend Bulbasaur

Pikachu waits for its friend 

I quickly tried to catch Bulbasaur before it escaped:


As you can see I successfully caught it. Pokemon Master in the Making!

I then took a picture of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and the Pokeball they have to share:

Pickachu, Bulbasaur, and the Pokeball

As I was taking the picture another of the starter pokemon was being printed:

Make sure to come back for Journal # 3, where I will try catching the red starter pokemon and continue trying to - Catch Them All!

Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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