by Harold Sorto September 08, 2016

Stratasys explores how 3D printing is being used to preserve historical artifacts by reporting on the recreation of a centuries old squid glass sculpture. The small sculpture was produced a 130-years ago by Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, famous father and son glassblowers. They are known for their highly-detailed and realistic marine and plant life glass sculptures.

Presently there are thousands of original Blaschka pieces in a number of museum collections. Extra care has been taken to preserve them and they are rarely moved due to their historical significance and fragility. 

Recently, Drew Harvell a marine biologist and professor decided to have the glass sculptures recreated so people could see them. He was contacted by CADD Edge and worked with them to produce a 3D printed recreation. The sculpture was carefully scanned and printed with a Stratasys PolyJet Studio printer. In the end,they were able to produce a somewhat identical recreation with a 3D printer. The team is still working on perfecting the process in order to 3D print a true recreation that completely mimics the sculpture.

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Photo by Stratasys

Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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