by Harold Sorto February 02, 2017

Lately is appears like 3D printing is being adopted by many different fields. It is used by chefs, architects, engineers, fashion designers, aeronautic and automotive companies. And now it seems like Medical and Pharmaceutical companies are working out ways to adapt it to produce devices and medicine. 

And while the relationship is still young, serious research is being undertaken and objects are being produced. 3D Printing was even a guest at the 2017 3D Medical Expo. Here medical professionals, scholars, and representatives from medical and pharmaceutical companies converse about how to use 3D printing in their field.  

An important topic was how medicine tablets and pills haven't evolved as much as technology, and how that should be changed. Talk about dual layer tablets, personalized medicine, and more found its way around.

And you can learn more here!

Photo  and Article Written by Beau Jackson

Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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