by Harold Sorto August 26, 2016

3D printed objects come in a variety of sizes, from building-sized prints to miniature ones. As the technology grows and continues to evolve 3D printed objects may soon reach unimaginable sizes.

Sculpteo explores if 3D printing nano-sized objects is a possibility. They provide a few examples of how nanotechnology and 3D printing have been combined.

A 3D printer that can produce nano-scaled objects has already been created. It can be applied to biomedical engineering, photonics, and the modification of surfaces. Nanoscribe used their Photonic Professional GT Machine to create objects that are a few microns small.

Sculpteo further mentions that nanotechnology can help enhance 3D printed materials. Carbon-based filaments are being researched and the possibility of making them electrically conductible is a being looked into as well. 

Sculpteo also states that combining nanotechnology with 3D printing would open the doors to new applications. 

3D Printers are becoming more complex and the materials they use are changing as well. It will soon be possible to print nano-sized objects that can be applied to a variety of different things.

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Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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