by Harold Sorto February 01, 2017

Hospitals are scary places to be, especially for children. No one ever looks forward to being in a hospital even if you're there to get better. You're away from home, your loved ones, and your life is essentially put on pause. A majority of the time it could be even more difficult for sick children and their parents.

Thankfully technology can help children relax and make them more able to heal better. 3D printing is one of those technologies since it allows children to learn, create, and make. 

Zortrax wrote a special report on how 3D printing and creativity helps children and teenagers better themselves and heal better. The process of learning how to model keeps their young minds active and helps protect them from the scary aspects of being in a hospital. More importantly, it helps them keep a sense of normalcy.

Photo by Zortrax  

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Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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