by Harold Sorto September 13, 2016

3D Printers have been used for prototyping and manufacturing for decades, long before the advent of desktop printers. Currently, 3D printing is being used in the automotive, aerospace, healthcare, architecture industries. The technology is also being adopted by university researchers and engineers that are working on projects that expand its uses.

Dentistry, for example, is starting to make full use of 3D printing because it allows for the production of high quality and cost effective surgical guides. The guides are being used in implant surgery and they help dentist know where to drill. In the past, these guides would cost a good amount of manufacture.

In the past, these guides would cost a good amount of manufacture. Dentists would have to have get their guides manufactured in plants that were normally far from their practices. And because the prices were high, some of the expense would be passed onto the patients. 

Now thanks to desktop 3D Printers. Dentists are able to print out their own surgical guides and dental models without having to invest hundreds of dollars into them. The whole process is becoming easier and more cost effective. 

*If you're curious about Dental 3D Printers, we are partnered with Envisiontec. They build 3D printers that produce surgical guides and informational dental models. 

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Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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