by Mitchel Dumlao May 01, 2017

MIT has been on the forefront of developing new innovations in 3D Printing and they've just developed a system comprised of a tracked vehicle mounted with a large robotic arm that can print a basic structure in a straight shot.  At the end of the robotic arm, there is a smaller, precision-motion robotic arm that extrudes concrete or spray insulation material.  What's great is that it's free moving, can be customized to print on any suitable surface and is intended to be self-sufficient.

With this technology, the team has 3D Printed a basic structure 50ft in diameter and 12ft in height out of insulation foam. The structure took 14 hours to print in total, which is a freestanding mold for concrete to be poured into. 

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Video and Picture by MIT

Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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