by Harold Sorto September 21, 2016

An ancient arch that was built in Palmyra, Syria during the 3rd century was replicated with 3D printing and put on display in New York City. The original arch was scanned and digitally preserved by UNESCO and the Institute for Digital Archaeology before it was destroyed by ISIS last year. 

The ancient arch served as an entrance to a temple, a Christian Church, and an Islamic Mosque. Before its destruction is was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was visited by tourists. 

The scale replica of the arch  was 3D printed from a 3D model that was generated by multiple images. It was displayed in England before it made its way to New York, and the IDA and Unesco hope to place it back in Syria near where the original arch stood. 

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Photo by IDA and UNESCO

Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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