by Harold Sorto September 05, 2016

China's National Tourism Administration hired an architectural firm to  build 3D printed public restrooms. The agency was unhappy with the public restrooms in the Yangshan Scenic Area because they didn't  match the scenery. They hired Winsun Architecture and Technology Co. to build multiple environmentally safe restrooms that would be nice to look at and match the scenery.

Winsun has been using 3D printing for city infrastructure construction projects, meaning that building 3D printed restrooms isn't be entirely new to them. The restrooms design was influenced by nature and some of their parts were made to look like natural objects.

The restrooms building process incorporates those of normal 3D printed objects. A structure is designed and parts are 3D printed, then they are placed together using normal construction methods. 

*3D Printers are being employed to build restrooms and buildings. In the future homes and other buildings might be 3D printed

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Photo by Nanjixiong

Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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