Shape Matters, 3D printing in Pharmacy’s

by Tracy Wong June 08, 2015

By Robert Glatter via Forbes

A pill is a pill. Or is it?

You may think that taking prescribed medications is a no-brainer, but think again.

Let’s face it. Going to the pharmacy is a chore–something that we often dread when we have to wait in line after our doctor has called, e-prescribed or given us a paper prescription. While innovative bulk-mail delivery and local delivery remain options, the potential for disruption in delivery methods for the pharmaceutical industry would require a radical shift in thinking about how our medications are produced and distributed.

Enter 3D printing of medications.

Scientists have developed a novel technique that may potentially change the way you not only think about, but actually take or adjust the dosage of your medications in the next decade—maybe sooner.

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Tracy Wong
Tracy Wong


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