Dogs take photos whenever they’re happy with 3D printing

by Mitchel Dumlao June 06, 2015


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Everyone who is even slightly connected to the web cannot avoid the torrential outpour of photos that people make nowadays. After all, everything is a camera nowadays and everyone is constantly connected to the internet. But why should us humans be the only ones able to take photos? After all, we only look at the same old boring stuff every day, like our own heads. That’s exactly why high-end camera manufacturers Nikon has decided to put cameras in the hands of dogs using 3D printing technology.

This interesting experiment is Heartography, which carries the secret to its project in its name. After all, how on earth can a dog handle a camera? Key is a 3D printed custom case that enables the Nikon camera to be strapped to the dog’s chest. The case itself also contains a heart-rate monitor that tracks the furry creature’s heartbeat. When it spikes – assuming that reflects happiness – the camera snaps a photo. It enables the dog, the people from Nikon say, to become a pho-dog-rapher.

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Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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