Giant Robots, Art Cars, & 3D Printers - MakerFaire 2015 Coverage

by Mitchel Dumlao May 22, 2015

By Mitchel Dumlao

It was our first time at MakerFaire and we loved it.  From the time we checked in at the Media tent to when we rode the EcoReco Electric Scooter before we left, the feeling of excitement and inspiration was in the air.  Launched in the Bay Area in 2006 by Maker Media, the big show brings in droves (215,000 in 2014) of people from all backgrounds who come to take in the sites and sounds from several inventors, artists, designers, brands, and makers who fill the San Mateo Event Center with metal sculptures, art cars, mech sized robots, and a variety of creations that all ages could appreciate.  

There were several building-sized tents that had different themes and attractions.  There was the Young Maker tent that showcased the inventions and creations of young makers, which truly showed the promise of the Maker Movement and the positive influence it has on children and education.   The MakerShed was the place to be for anyone who wanted to buy something from the show.  A showroom of the products, there was everything from dancing robots from Robotis, 3D Printing Pens by 3Doodler, Drones by MicroDrones, and 3D Printers by Ultimaker.  

The Fiesta Hall was home to glow-in-the-dark pieces and products, looking like a Chuck-e-Cheese's with neon lights.  Walking between tents was equally fun, with outside booths from Intel and Google showing several types of new products and technology, including a special performance from world-renowned Dj Qbert.  We visited our friends at the Expo Hall where a variety of 3D Printing companies showed off their machines and prints.  What delighted us was the amount of kids interacting with 3D Scanners, printers, and CNC machines with excitement in their eyes.  Not to mention the children who created their own products, science experiments, and art pieces - it was a giant playground for science, engineering, design, and entrepreneurship.

Our favorite part of the weekend was seeing the giant mech robot, Megabot, by Autodesk move around and destroy a car in front of a cheering crowd.  The large robot was controlled by men inside who looked as gitty as the kids in the audience, happily showing off their creation while posing for pictures.  It was a fun show and memorable experience that we won't forget, looking forward to next year!

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Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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