3-D Printer Design Specialist Named in Top 10 Jobs of the Future by Fast Company

by Stephie M May 19, 2015

Whenever there is new technology, there are new jobs. The jobs of phone operators and milk men are long gone replaced by switchboards and refrigerators. In the lat decade we've seen an increase in job titles that didn't exist in the 90s - Social Media Managers, Digital Strategists, User Experience Designers. If you want to drive the bandwagon instead of jumping on the bandwagon, perhaps you should consider a career as a 3-D Printer Design Specialist. As one of the Top 10 Jobs of the Future featured in Fast Company, early adapters can be sure they won't be phased out by artificial intelligence. Although John Danaher,emerging technologies expert, is unsure of the earning potential, early adapters really have a chance to assert themselves as design engineers and potentially create a high-paying field for 3-D Designers. Who knows what the future will hold, but it's certainly exciting to know you can shape it.

Here's what Fast Company has to say:

3-D printers have been a boon to the manufacturing and prototyping industries for years, yet the large majority of the consumer population seem to have little interest in learning to use them. Danaher doesn’t believe this apathy from the general public will dissipate by 2025, but he does believe an increasing number of people will come to appreciate the advantages of 3-D printing, which means they’ll hire people to design and print their objects for them. 
"I’m not sure that these people will make much money, given that the designs will be easily copied and shared, but there may be a premium at the high end of the market," says Danaher. "The rich will pay their own designers to create bespoke products for them. Just as companies already hire specialist designers, imagine having your own personal Jony Ive to design your 3-D-printed furniture."

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Stephie M
Stephie M


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