A 3D Scanner That Works In Space

May 03, 2015

The company behind a new 3D scanner says the device would make a good addition to the International Space Station.

The "Space Spider" handheld 3D scanner can work in microgravity and features an advanced cooling system that prevents overheating — a common issue for electronics in space, said representatives of Luxembourg-based Artec 3D, which developed the machine.

"Imagine the potential of using 3D scanning technology on the International Space Station paired with a 3D printer," Artec 3D president and CEO Artyom Yuhkin said in a statement Wednesday (April 29). "The Space Spider boasts an enhanced cooling system that allows the user to capture accurate 3D data more rapidly. This handheld scanner can endure some of the most difficult situations on Earth and has been engineered to perform in nearly zero-gravity environments when called upon."

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