3D Printer World Expo Burbank, CA 1/29 - 1/31

by Raymond Dipasupil February 04, 2015

This weekend's  3D Printer World Expo was held in our very own backyard at the Burbank Marriott. I must admit poor Mitchel waited forever for the rest of the team to carpool from central LA, but once he saw Ray's Hawaiian shirt, he couldn't help but smile.

There was a myriad of interesting and new products that were showcased. One of which was FormLab's stereolithography printer. No calibration needed with liquid filament, the printer outputs 100 microns to create smooth, seamless figures.

We were also super stoked to meet Sharif, a product designer with a background in industrial design, creates his own drones. He had a racing drone on display that consisted of a 3D printed mold and carbon fiber wings.

3D printed drones are awesome


Obligatory selfie

Everybody say 3D printed cheese!

SeeMeCNC brought in an amazing floor-to-ceiling printer that ran throughout the day. The spiral trash can(or is it a lamp?) on the left-hand side was 3D printed but the large contraption.

SeeMeCNC's giant 3D printer 

These 3D printed toys and figurines never get old. These were 3D printed using a Lulzbot 3D printer.


Taking a picture of Stephanie taking a picture of complex 3D printed art.

Picture of taking a 3D printed picture  

Complexity is nothing that advanced 3D printers cannot handle. There were a lot of new technologies on display from many of the manufacturers in attendance.

Complex 3D printed art

The team thoroughly enjoyed the various keynote presentations. There's also something new to learn within 3D printing considering it's a relatively young industry.

Keynotes & workshops on 3D printing

Co-written by Stephanie Man & Ray Dipasupil

Raymond Dipasupil
Raymond Dipasupil


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