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by Raymond Dipasupil November 27, 2014

EEZITEC was conceived based on the idea that hardware technology should be accessible to those who yearn to create & build through the means of 3D printers & Drones (UAVs, etc). The EEZITEC founding team is comprised of designers, engineers & entrepreneurs with deep technical experience in UX-UI design, software engineering, product design, & hardware engineering. We've worked in tech, aerospace, entertainment, & government industries. Our curiosity desires have led us to recognize a need for the market in providing fun & learnable 3D printer & Drone products that are easily accessible to our customers.

The mission of EEZITEC is simple. We want to share our fondness of 3D Printers & Drones (UAVs, etc). Stay tuned as we deliver more information about EEZITEC.


Happy Thanksgiving & Cheers!


Raymond Dipasupil
Raymond Dipasupil


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