Designing while Printing On The Fly with WirePrint

by Raymond Dipasupil June 01, 2016

At first glance, not much can be said based on the look of the prints from WirePrint. They look like a bunch of simple wireframes lacking visual depth. However, don't be fooled by the simplicity of the 3D printed wireframes. The real trick here is how you can design while printing on the fly.

“We are going from human-computer interaction to human-machine interaction,” said graduate student Huaishu Peng, who described the On-the-Fly-Print system in a paper presented at the 2016 ACM Conference for Human Computer Interaction. Co-authors are François Guimbretière, associate professor of information science; Steve Marschner, professor of computer science; and doctoral student Rundong Wu.

The team uses a standard, off-the-shelf consumer 3D printer that they've modified to test their thesis. Their 3D printer utilizes "five degrees of freedom" in which a nozzle can be extended & the platform can be rotated relative to the nozzle. The build platform has also been modified to be highly modular from the 3D printer & the user can remove the platform on the fly as well. 

The model can be altered as many times desired & they “believe that this approach has the potential to improve the overall quality of the design process”.



Raymond Dipasupil
Raymond Dipasupil


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