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Everyday as I peruse through Instagram for awesome 3D printed designs and prints, I always appreciate those designers who are prolific, versatile, and above all, cool - Audrey from Le Maitre Cube is one of them.  I've always loved her clean design mixed with pop-culture references and fashionista swagger, and her Instagram account (@lemaitrecube) is an aesthetic representation of her artistry.  I had the pleasure of interviewing her below, please feel free to check out her website at

Tell us about yourself and your company, Le Maitre Cube

I’m Audrey, founder of Le Maitre Cube (The Cube Master in english) But in French we can make a lot of bad words game with ! And i’t makes us laugh a lot !

We’re from Rennes, a beautiful and dynamic student place in Britanny (our west coat in France), and kind of smart suburb of Paris. Next year only 1hour will separate us from the capital.

We’re specialized in creating home decoration, jewels and cooking accessories in 3D printing. We design our own collections and also offer design services and customized printed for your « ideas in perspective » ! Our website WWW.LEMAITRECUBE.COM is actually in french but, we can ship worldwide on demand !

When did you start Lemaitrecu3e and does your company strive to do?

I start this project in august 2014. It wasn’t easy at all to find « THE » good 3D printer machine, many hours were passed o"n the web to try to find the good one. the big question was what budget can i afford ? Banks in France won’t follow you in that kind of project, they’re afraid of every new thing and most of them ignorants in new tech.  I had in mind to make designs but without the 3d printer it wasn’t easy to make any projections on what kind of objects and the renders of it. I had to start without any help.

How were you introduced into 3D Printing?

I started from nothing and  completely autodidact. I was graphic designer in advertising agency for now 4years and my friend Sylvain quit his 3d modeling and animation agency too a year before. We’ve both fed up creating for other people. The ones who told you what to do every time, and not to be really creative at all. So one day i said « 3d printing it’s the future we can create everything we want ! so let’s go, let’s fun !«  and he followed me without any questions. Now it’s so fulfilling to create our own designs. I design objects and collections, making graphic designs, taking care of website, community management, advertising and Sylvain is 3D modeler, making renders and animations for some pics or videos and take care on the 3D printer, . We worked many months before approving our first designs, ‘cause it’s not so easy finally.

You have a lot of 3D Prints of Cookie Presses, do you have a baking or culinary background?

Not at all  (lol) ! I love cooking but i’m really, really bad in desserts ! But you know, in France Ny and US food is really attractive now. Like big wedding cakes, sugar cookies, and personalized pastries. French traditional food is now in the past, like a kind of old institution. People wants to travel, we call that « fooding, food lovers and foodistas » actually. We want to eat our favorite cookie shaped character, while watching the new game of thrones episodes with friends, have new baby’s name on a cookie, drinking natural green iced tea with the proud to make our own biscuits so easily. We create designs, according  what’s in fashion and adapt it with what people like and wants.

Where do you get the ideas for your designs?

I’ve always been in love with design and famous designers, by my graphic design studies first, but now i try to design things i’d like at home. I really want to democratize 3d printed design and object with a woman point of view, and to seduce women to this great technology ! Actually in France it’s not so easy to be in that kind of project as a woman, it’s (don't be offended) really a geek world and i’m fed up to see 3D printed Star Wars or Marvel figurines everywhere, even if i’m quite fan of this ! Democratize 3D printing for me it’s to thing designs and practicals object for every day and every one.

What 3D Printer do you have at home and/or in your office?

I bought a Zortrax M200, really a good 3D printer; it’s like an Apple, a plug and play system. As 2 novices people it was the best to start. Now we’re really happy of it, and like to buy a second one for many more production, cause it’s really easy to use.

What do you love most about 3D Printing technology ?

To make everything i want, to make happy people with personalized objects or cookie cutters, something they can’t buy before. We really want 3d printing evaluate and make bigger and stronger creations. But I’m so glad when someone after ordered one of our creations post a pic on Facebook or Instagram saying « omg, i’ve got my own design of cookie cutter for my wedding, birthday …. » we already send some of them in Ny, Montréal, Belgium, Malte, and Poland ! we’d love our designs can be known everywhere. And we’ll always try to adapt them if a new tech come out there.

What advice can you give to other entrepreneurs who want to use 3D Printing to help their businesses? 

Don’t by shy, technology is for everyone, i love to meet women who dare in tech for sure ! As Beyonce says « Who run the world? » (lol just kidding !) Seriously, just find something new, attractive and fulfilling for you ! And go ;)


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