by Adrian Aini April 21, 2016

An owner of a pet duck had to face a hard decision of whether to put her disabled duck down or not. Phillip, the duck, had lost both of his feet due to frost bite and had to have them amputated. But because Phillip could not walk anymore his quality of life changed drastically, so in order to save the duck Phillips owner turned to 3D printing.

Lucky for Phillip there was a science teacher at the local middle school that had access to 3D printers that could save the day. After weeks of trial and error the science teacher finally was able to print two prosthetic feet for Phillip the duck enabling him to walk and live a normal life. Thanks to Phillips story students at the middle school the science teacher taught at have become very interested in 3D printing and expanding their education about the technology. 

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Adrian Aini
Adrian Aini


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